Utah is a western state in the United States. You won't find a more gorgeous, adventurous place!  As such, your exchange in Utah will be exciting. Each month, all exchange students will enjoy an activity sponsored somewhere in the state by Utah Rotary Clubs. These activities foster friendship which last a lifetime. One month Exchange Students will gather in Zion National Park, for a breathtaking walk up to Angel's Landing. Another month Exchange Students will go to Moab and visit the fiery furnace in Arches National Park. But you know you are alive when you jump off 50 foot cliffs in the water of Lake Powell. Still, you cannot come to Utah and not ski the world's greatest snow on the same slopes Olympics skied. Yes, coming to Utah on a youth exchange is an experience of a life time (just skim through some of our testimonials!).

One of the most frequent asked questions is "what about the Mormons". Well, Mormons do live in Utah...that is true. But they don't practice polygamy, as that practice was ended in 1890. Exchange students may live in Mormon or non-Mormon households to receive a well-rounded experience. Rotary prohibits host families from trying to convert a person to their religious faith. Also, exchange students have a fantastic time with their Mormon and non-Mormon host families. We encourage any youth exchange students coming to Utah to connect with our past exchange students to ask questions & learn more. Please e-mail us for details.

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