Code of Conduct
Rotary is a non-political and non-religious organization. Its members come from a diverse background of cultures and religious affiliations. We welcome the diversity, and realize the importance of everyone coming together in a common cause. Rotary is a group of likeminded individuals who have a desire to serve and enrich the life of others.  

We are embarking on a service trip, in a foreign country, with a lot of minors. In order to avoid legal issues, and to help parents feel comfortable about the safety and well-being of their children, we must set some ground rules and guidelines. These guidelines are intended to make the experience better for all who attend. It is to establish the expectations up front so there is no question as to what is accepted and what is not. We anticipate we will have another successful trip as youth and adults alike follow the guidelines below.

Housing / Condo Guidelines:

  • One of the great opportunities of this trip is the chance to get to know new people and make new friends. With that in mind, please note that, while we will attempt to house your individual groups together, it is not always possible to do so. You may be rooming with people you don’t know, even if some of your friends or acquaintances are with us on the trip. Larger groups of youth (8 or more) from the same school or club could very likely be split up and assigned to more than one room and/or rooms with youth from other clubs.
  • If there is a compelling reason for you to be assigned to a room or team with a specific individual, please share that in advance with the housing coordinators and we will do our best to accommodate the request. In any event, please be mature enough to accept the rooming assignments made without complaint and take advantage of the opportunity to expand your circle of friends while on this adventure. Unauthorized changing of rooming assignments will not be allowed.
  • Absolutely no mixed genders in hotel and condo rooms without an adult present. If this rule is not adhered to you may be sent home. If you would like to have a movie evening or get together in the condo, arrange with your adult room leader to be present and it will be fine.
  • Your room chaperone(s) should be given first choice of sleeping arrangements in your assigned room. This is just a matter of common courtesy
  • We will follow the buddy rule. You must have at least one other person with you anywhere you go, and you must let your cheperone know where you are going and when you expect to return. This applies in all venues: The Condos, the work site, evening activities, etc
  • No nudity, i.e. skinny-dipping or other inappropriate behavior anywhere anytime. We will abide by commonly accepted social practices that we experience in Utah.
  • Also, please be understanding and accommodating of individuals right to modesty in your individual condos.
  • The curfew for all to be in their hotel room or condo is 10 PM. Your adherence to this curfew will help your leaders and room chaperones a lot.
  • Each group that is in a condo will be responsible for any damage. In the unfortunate event that damage occurs let your room chaperone know immediately.  We can take care of things much easier that way.
  • Please clean up after yourselves. Maid service is sometimes spotty, and your room chaperone is not your mother (in most cases). Pitch in and help with things as you see a need, or when asked.
  • The condo/hotel does not allow towels or swimming suits hanging on the deck.

Cultural and Other Guidelines:

  • Dress appropriately as representing Rotary and the Families Helping Families foundation, especially when we attend the schools. Please wear conservative clothing. No Booty shorts, low cut tops, revealing attire or the like.
  • No purchase or consumption of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs will be allowed.  Although the law may permit such things by minors in Mexico, we will adhere to the standards and laws we are familiar with in the State of Utah. We have a ZERO tolerance policy with these types of issues. You will be sent home at your expense if any violations occur. (If we can keep you out of a Mexican prison)
  • Do not purchase nor attempt to bring fireworks purchased in Mexico into the US. They are illegal and will cause serious problems at the border on our return home.
  • While at the border please be quiet and dignified. The border crossing can go much quicker if you are quiet and answer their questions asked of you with only a yes or no, or as briefly as you can to answer the questions asked. Do not elaborate, or offer up unneeded information. Just answer the questions.

Worksite Guidelines:

  • Close toed shoes must be worn at all times on the work site. We will be working around heavy equipment and materials, and closed toed shoes may save a toe. 
  • Shorts must be no higher than 4 inches above the knee. We will be working with cement that contains lime, which will cause skin irritation if exposed. Long pants are preferred.
  • Eye protection must be worn at the construction site. Please bring your own safety glasses.
  • Ear protection must be worn while operating machinery. We will provide ear plugs.
  • Hats are strongly suggested and encouraged to be worn while at the work site. It will be hot and sunny.
  • Bring gloves. Cotton gloves with rubber palms work the best with concrete blocks
  • Drink a lot of water, before and during the trip. It will save many headaches and potential heat exhaustion.
  • Bring and use sun screen. A bad sunburn will ruin your trip.
  • Any shirt modifications (cutting off collars or sleeves) must maintain proper modesty. We would prefer that work shirts NOT be modified.

General Guidelines:

  • Bus videos (those watched and those recorded) need to be rated PG or G.  No inappropriate content. Bus Leaders will determine if they should be viewed or turned off.
  • Clean up after yourselves on the bus. Gather your rubbish and belongings when you exit the bus.
  • Be respectful and adhere to the Rotary 4 Way Test.
  • Last of all: Come with a great attitude, ready to serve and change the world. We may not be able to help the entire world, but we can help one individual, one family, and one community.
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