If your Rotary Club is seeking ways to make a powerful, lasting difference in our local and global community, search no longer: Support a youth exchange student!  Your club's commitment to helping a young person live in Utah changes countless lives. Students really experience our culture, and our community learns about theirs. Bridges & friendships are built between two seemingly different worlds. Through these exchanges, everyone involved develops an understanding and appreciation for those 'different' from them-- and this is truly the foundation for world peace.  

Rotary Clubs play a critical role in helping young exchange students, as exchange students are not allowed to come to Utah without a Rotary Club sponsor. Here is what is expected from Rotary Clubs that sponsor an exchange student:

  • Select 2-3 suitable host families for your student. 
  • Enroll your student in his or her high school (for long-term exchanges) and pay fees.
  • Appoint a Rotarian as a Counselor to each exchangee (for long-term exchanges). Counselors cannot be a member of the host family. Counselors attend the Inbound Orientation meeting, meet the exchange upon arrival, notify sending district of student's safe arrival, and maintain monthly contact with the student and host family throughout duration of exchange.
  • Pay the exchangee a monthly allowance of $100.00 per month for long-term exchanges.
  • Pay the student's RYLA fees and District Conferences fees.
  • Include your student at your socials, Rotary meetings, and service projects. Help your student have a great experience in Utah!
If your club is considering sponsoring a student, please connect with Penny Atkinson, our Youth Exchange Officer.
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