Brace yourself: Rotary's Youth Exchange program is the least expensive way to live & study abroad in the world. 

Rotarians are volunteers. They don't get paid to coordinate exchanges. Also, our host families don't receive payment to have students live with them. As such, our exchange students pay a fraction of what they'd pay if they went through other exchange programs.

 Long-term exchanges for students in our district are $5,500. The Long-term exchange flat fee covers the following: 

  • Housing & food (covered by host families)
  • Round trip air fare
  • Travel documents
  • Health and accident insurance
  • A Rotary Exchange jacket
  • Business cards & name tag
Students or their parents are expected to pay the following:
  • Spending money during the year
  • Clothing and other necessities during the exchange year
  • Emergency funds for unpredicted expenses
  • Travel before the exchange to the embassy to receive a visa
  • Needed immunizations for travel
  • Ancillary travel and tours
  • If a student is sent home early for breaking rules/guidelines, any additional costs in travel will be at their own expense
Sharing in the costs of the exchange are:
  • Host families who pay for room and board
  • Host community who cover school tuition and arrangements
  • Host Rotary club who provide you each month of the exchange (long-term only) the equivalent of $100.00 U.S. dollars in cash.

The cost of Short-term and New Generations exchanges is the cost of a passport, plane tickets, visas, travel insurance, additional immunizations, spending money, gifts, pins for exchanging and personal items. All these costs are the responsibility of the student and their family. Rotary itself does not charge any fees for these exchanges.

What are you waiting for?  Get started on your international adventure today!


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